Gawker Leaks Private Videos of Jennifer Lawrence


Pictures showing a undressed Hope Solo have been released as part of a collection of hacked pics in the second such leak of hacked personal videos of stars by Reddit User’s and other online sites such as Huffington Post.

The list of celebrities involved in the release also includes oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and child star and actress Mary-Kate Olsen. New images of Lee Sobieski have also been leaked in this latest cache.

It is not possible to determine when the pics were from but research into the hacks are currently in progress by the FBI.

A few weeks ago over 100 celebrities were hacked by a group of hackers who took hundreds of naked photographs and sex tapes from their personal accounts and leaked them to the public.

The original collection of images also included stars Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice.

Reps for Jennifer Lawrence made an announcement on her official website saying that the photos were fake.

Charlie Sheen Is With A New Porn Star Girl

Actor Charlie Sheen has developed a relationship with a new pornstar partner which is Georgia Jones. During all the stories and strange behaviors Sheen has handled it all nicely to get with a new porn star. Georgia Jones is twenty-five years old and has been in the pornographic industry ever since she turned 18 years old. She started out as a magazine model during her teenage years and right after the age of 18 she began naked modeling. She entered the porno business officially in the year 2007 and has stayed put ever since. Georgia was named Cover Girl for August as well as Penthouse Pet of the Month for the year of 2011. Sheen and Georgia Jones recently spent their Christmas vacation in Mexico and they didn’t conceal their affection towards each other while in public. Do you think this relationship is going to go on for with this new pornstar partner?

Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem And HULK HOGAN Passed Around Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife

Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan and Heather Cole sex tape recently hit on the world wide web a week ago and it has managed quite the hysteria. Heather Cole was the spouse of TODD ALAN CLEM who is a preferred radio host who’s teamed up with Mr. Howard Stern. At the time TODD ALAN CLEM and Heather Cole tied the knot, Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan was the groomsman. In the sex tape it unmistakably exhibits how Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan had sex with Heather Cole in her and Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem’s bed chamber. This mere fact drives many of persons to be convinced that Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan and TODD ALAN CLEM were swapping Heather Cole who happened to be The Super Destroyer’s ex wife, Linda Hogan’s BFF. Heather Cole was always known to be a really stunning chick that fancied taking sassy photographs of herself and putting them on the world wide web. Now it comes to light that HEATHER COLE was moreover, a sex fiend which enjoyed being hammered by Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan and being photographed while getting banged up.

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Miley Cyrus Sports Newly Shorter Wedding Hair Style

Future Ms. Liam Hemsworth makes the decision to impact the Twitter world when she posted a new picture of herself with her hair extremely short. Cyrus had Hollywood hairstylist Chris McMillan chop all of her locks completely off and she enjoys every bit of attention coming her way. Ex Disney star Miley Cyrus puts her best efforts to step away from the wholesome little girl that many viewers look at her to be. Tons of fans are absolutely hoping that she has plans on wearing extensions for her wedding though, because that hairstyle is odd. Her fiancé has to be totally in love with her as that haircut is crazy. The photo is via Miley Cyrus Twitter account.

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